Using social media to distract me from an incurable addiction to chocolate

The younger me didn’t trust herself.

Ignoring my inner voice who knew,

Just knew the right way forward.

Placing my destiny in other hands.

Malleable, pliable me; shaped and molded,

I doubted the wise owl within. (more…)

Never gets old

April 26th, 2012 | Posted by Melany Gallant in the kitchen sink - (2 Comments)

From a pretty young age, I’ve been a bookworm. I loved playing soccer, hide-and-seek and hopscotch with the best of them but reading…well that is something I never bored of.

Confession to my parents who may be reading this post:

When you used to ground me for whatever transgression I committed as a child, I secretly squirmed with glee.

You mean I have no TV, no playtime with friends for X number of days….but I can read in my room?

Truthfully your grounding was no punishment.

Reading is joy

I love reading so much I majored in English literature at university. It was there I was introduced to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Have you read it?

For me, that novel never gets old. I’ve read it countless times. (more…)


This day went quite differently than planned. It featured an unexpected day home with DD who was on quarantine from daycare.

Overnight she was hit with some crazy stomach bug or “food disagreement”…three times I might add. Fortunately that was it and her spirits were high the whole day.

However, my husband was down for the count from dental surgery which meant it was only me and DD sitting down for dinner.

When I explained the situation to DD, she hopped over to her kitchen immediately, deciding she would be in charge of the evening meal… (more…)


I recently discovered some childhood treasures. Included with these memory buckets of times gone past is a diary I kept when I was 11 years old.

When I spotted the diary again after all of these years (and believe me, plenty of years have passed), I was excited to read it. What experiences and thoughts were considered important enough to my child-self that I needed to write them down? Perhaps I wrote of my love for track and field, or soccer. My favourite teacher. Or my favourite books (Sweet Valley High anyone?). (more…)