six word fridays: thankful


this friday i’m thankful for family

we’ve crossed the country to visitSix Word Fridays

reunions after months, sometimes years apart

memorable visits but over too quickly

lives lived in distances geographically set

but always close to the heart


This Six Word Fridays contribution is inspired by my visit with family in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary. Access more Six Word Fridays entries, and get inspired to write your own,  at Melissa’s blog Making Things Up.

3 Responses to “six word fridays: thankful”

  1. Melissa

    Geographically distant, but hearts always together.
    Brilliant! Thankful for your take today! 🙂

  2. Kelly

    The best part of family reunions
    is realizing how alike you are
    bone-deep despite distance and age.

  3. eisangel3

    I hope it was a wonderful trip!


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