six word fridays: treat


my treat: the opportunity to attend

Blissdom Canada – blogging conference for womenSix Word Fridays

2.25 days of fun, learning, sharing

inspired now, excited now, validated now

striving to “suck less” (@sweetsalty‘s advice)

here i go


The above is my contribution to Six Word Fridays, a meme started by Melissa at Making Things Up. Why not visit Melissa’s blog? You can read other entries to Six Word Fridays and perhaps be inspired to write your own!

4 Responses to “six word fridays: treat”

  1. Melissa

    Woohoo for inspiration and encouragement!
    And also advice on sucking less!
    (I suspect I may need that…)

  2. Elle

    I’ve been hearing about this. I want to suck less too. 😀 I hope you’re having a great time!

  3. Sara

    Here’s to sucking less. In costume.

  4. Belinda

    To suck less. Trick or treat?
    Blissdom Canada: please tell us more.


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