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Holy holiday hiatus! It’s been over two weeks since my last post. My only excuse is I was really sick over Christmas. I basically was buried with a head cold that knocked me flat. I wasn’t much of a festive sprite to be around and I was barely online. Not how I imagined my Christmas vacation at all.

But I’m back!

And what I’ve been itching to write about is my experience taking Pilates. Have you tried it? In case you don’t already know, Pilates is hard. But it’s a good kind of hard – I feel energized and refreshed after every session.

Like many other forms of exercise, Pilates requires concentration and good breathing. But it also requires a level of body awareness that doesn’t necessarily come naturally.

The goal is to increase the strength, flexibility and control of the body. Somewhat easier said than done. Oh but it’s fun!

Precision is key (but so is breathing, control, concentration and so much more!)

Wikipedia states, “the Pilates method seeks to develop controlled movement from a strong core and it does this using a range of apparatuses to guide and train the body.”

Years ago, I took an introductory course to mat Pilates but this is Pilates using a Reformer – a long platform that bares a striking resemblance to a medieval torture device. It’s not though…I promise. 🙂

Using the Reformer, you move through a series of fluid motions designed to work muscles groups and challenge them.

There’s a level of precision required and you really need to “be in the moment” to ensure you are achieving the resistance training Pilates movements are designed to deliver. And once you “get it”, it’s so fun to go through the movements!

My sincere thanks

I’ve had  the good fortune to receive  my Pilates sessions compliments of Pam Forth, a local Pilates instructor. These are private versus class sessions with one-on-one guidance and instruction from Pam.

Here’s where I also need to give a big shout out to Sandra Brunner (@wallabina) of Chang’e Studio in Toronto. I originally won the free pilates sessions through Sandra, and she found an instructor in Ottawa (enter Pam) willing to transfer the free sessions here.

Considering Pilates?

If Pilates is something you are interested in learning, I recommend you contact Pam.

Pam is an internationally recognized human movement specialist. So what does that mean? It means she has a fine-tuned ability to break down movements and work in a supportive way with the human body to help clients achieve their goals. Pam’s demeanor and approach ensures clients enjoy their sessions, get results and leave energized.

For example, I really like how Pam explains each part of the movements she has me do and how the flow of these movements are helping my body get stronger and more flexible.

She has studied under worldwide Pilates expert Ron Fletcher and has Level 2 certification in Dianne Miller Pilates.  Not only that, Pam has also studied osteopathy under Guy Voyer DO at the Sutherland Academy.

Pam has also worked as a professional dancer and personal fitness trainer (ACE certified) of actors and singers. Her degree in dance and specialization in kinesiology from Simon Fraser University and her certification in Reflexology add to her ability to work with people to improve their fitness level.

If you’re interested in inquiring about private or class-led Pilates sessions, you can contact Pam at PamForth at warpmail dot net.

I definitely recommend Pam as an instructor, especially if you are new to Pilates. She is a great teacher and makes you feel comfortable doing movements that are new to your mind and body.


Have you taken Pilates already? If so, what was your experience? I’d love to know.

Here are some photos of me getting my Pilates on. 🙂

7 Responses to “Getting my Pilates on”

  1. veronica

    That looks awesome! Have always wanted to try the pilates with the equipment. Looks fun and you loook great doing it!

  2. Ingrid

    You ARE looking good!

  3. emmalina73

    Ok bendy girl are you doing this just to make me feel bad? It’s working! You look fabulous, keep it up whatever you are doing!

    • Mel Gallant

      Thanks Emma. Pilates is a lot different from weight training, which is what I’m most used to. Sure, you need to concentrate when doing reps/lifting weights to ensure proper form, but you can let your mind wander a bit.

      With Pilates, you need to focus, focus!

      ps: I’m not that bendy in real life…photos make it look like I am. 😉

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