Getting past the February doldrums


I hear a lot of people say that January is the hardest month of the year to get through but I disagree. For me, it’s February.

See, with January you’re still riding that New Year high and after the busy holiday rush the low-key mood of January is great.

Oh but February…

For the shortest month of the year, it sure seems to take forever to end.

So in the interest of not letting February get me down:

  • DD and I play outside every day – even if only for a brief 10-minute walkabout. (The fresh air is good. Freezing, but still good.)
  • We’re going to celebrate Winterlude this weekend – hooray Bal de neige! Hooray BeaverTails!
  • I enjoy a mint tea every evening – a simple ritual that warms me body and soul.
  • My slowcooker is working overtime – comfort food is a must to keep the winter chill away (although I have had some mishaps).
  • Reading – ah yes, delicious books! Right now I’m into The Painted Boy by Ottawa-based author Charles de Lint.
  • I work on my fitness – not every day as I perhaps should but enough times to feel better for it.
  • I blog. 🙂

Yes, the above activities, comforts and distractions are getting me past the February doldrums. But yeah…Give me March! Give me spring!

Do you feel the same way about February? What are your winter distractions?


7 Responses to “Getting past the February doldrums”

  1. emmalina73

    I really loathe February (and January for that matter) all my happy feelings seem to disappear and the struggles of getting two boys in their winter gear, battle with the dog just so that someone can complain/scream/run in front of moving vehicles just feels like too much work! Roll on March…

  2. Stef

    February is my “bad” month too – especially when I see everyone’s facebook updates on the down south trips they plan to take and I have none on the horizon. For me I:

    1. Treat myself, either at the spa or hair salon or in the mall. Get myself one thing I’ve been coveting for some time or get that decadent massage I so badly need.

    2. Try to get away, whether for a weekend or just one night with my husband for alone time.

    3. Invite people over! Even if it’s just for a pop in or brunch – filling the house with friends and family lifts the spirits! My daughter lights up when people come over and I love to see her entertain our guests.

    • Mel Gallant


      Love your suggestions for making February more bearable.

      I’m totally with you in regards to those Facebook updates. I too have zero trips down south on the horizon. Hrmph…!

  3. ayala

    Cute post Mel. You are taking control and doing all these positive things to get you through. It will soon be over-March is right around the corner 🙂

    • MelGallant

      Hi Ayala – and I can’t wait for March to get here. It can still be snowy and cold in March but somehow I don’t mind as much. 🙂

  4. Ralacegoshese

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