DD likes to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Except it’s no so much reading as it is her flipping to Saturday’s page, pointing at each bit of food that caterpillar eats and having us name it.

Chocolate cake, ice cream, pickle…and so on.

And so I always say, “No wonder that caterpillar got a tummy ache!”

I don’t think she gets it. But I say it anyway. Every time.

This entry is part of Monday Moments, a weekly series started by Brie at Capital Mom, where participants are invited to share a moment from their life. This week’s topic: repetition.

4 Responses to “Repetition”

  1. ayala

    Mel, I used to read it to Daniel over and over and I used to say the same thing 🙂

  2. Nancy

    Zac and I read “The Grumpy Ladybug”, also by Carle… but all he lets me say is ‘at one o’clock’, ‘at 3 o’clock’…. he just wants to look at the different animals over and over. And any Sandra Boynton book gets dog-eared pretty quickly around here. I LOVE that Zac loves books!

  3. Sara

    I love the hungry caterpillar. My boys prefer Sandra Boynton 🙂 I do my best to make sure not every story we read is about vehicles.

  4. Brie

    Aren’t we as obvious as our kids.:-)


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