Today was the same as yesterday


I recently discovered some childhood treasures. Included with these memory buckets of times gone past is a diary I kept when I was 11 years old.

When I spotted the diary again after all of these years (and believe me, plenty of years have passed), I was excited to read it. What experiences and thoughts were considered important enough to my child-self that I needed to write them down? Perhaps I wrote of my love for track and field, or soccer. My favourite teacher. Or my favourite books (Sweet Valley High anyone?).

Flipping through the pages, it’s obvious that my first foray into journaling was about keeping things simple.

A lot of the entries start with, “Today was the sames as yesterday.” Which would be okay…if I hadn’t continually repeated it. Day. By day. By day.

Example entry:

Now this entry is a little more creative. Here I’m writing about food! And friends!

It’s a little hard to read, so let me translate:

Today we had Kentucky Fried Chicken and went to visit a friend of Carol’s!!!

While I poke fun at these journal entries, in truth I find the words written on these pages a delicious re-introduction to my 11-year-old self. While most are similar to the examples above, some reference feuds with my siblings. Frictions between friends…and yes the odd boy crush.

These entries – seemingly trivial now and most definitely formulaic – speak of a dedication to put pen to paper. To re-cap my days…even if only to reassure my future self that yes, today was the same as yesterday. And yesterday was fun.

Did you keep a diary as a child? Do you look back on your entries with a nostalgic smile or a perplexed grin? Bit of both perhaps…?

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13 Responses to “Today was the same as yesterday”

  1. Greg

    Wouldn’t you know it? You were TWEETING at age 11!!!

  2. Adrienne

    Love this! I do have a hand full of diaries ~ from a few years later, and I love that I have them! I will remember – today is pretty much like yesterday. Simple. Profoundly simple!

  3. Heather Caliri

    I heard a hilarious This American Life where a girl read from her 16-17 year old self’s diary, chronicling her blithe experimentation with drugs and sex with the vapidness of a teenager. It was both horrible (I have two daughters) and so, so, funny, especially her deadpan delivery.

    • Stacia

      I love “This American Life.” I’ll have to dig this episode up. Thanks, Heather.

    • melgallant

      Heather, would love to stumble upon that This American Life episode. I’m sure the deadpan delivery is what makes it so appallingly and funny at the same time. 🙂

  4. Stacia

    My fourth-grade self wrote many an ode to a boy named Kyle. I wonder if he’s on Facebook …

  5. Sasha

    This is so cool! I used to have a diary like that (in fact, yours looks pretty familiar – one of those 5-year ones). In between the pages I had old love letters, an absolutely horrible “Dear John” that some friends wrote on my behalf because I said I didn’t have the heart to dump my bf, a “Prenupital [sic] Agreement” written by the same boyfriend… all accidentally lost (I think) during a closet cleanout and donation binge. What I wouldn’t give to have that back!!

    • melgallant

      Sasha – I must admit it’s a little strange going back in time to my 11-year-old psyche. There are an alarming number of Sweet Valley High references in there…

  6. Jen @ Momalom

    “I enjoyed it very much!” I love that. Just love it. What a gift to discover these. I’m wondering now where mine are. Hmm…


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