Watery coffee can go to hell


coffee_is_goldToday my girl went to the dentist. She had to be sedated because, funny thing, she doesn’t like people poking around in her mouth.

Sedation means fasting – no food or drink the six hours leading up to the appointment. So to be fair, I didn’t have any food or drink either.

Not a big deal, really. Except.

It meant no coffee.

I really like coffee. And yes, I’m addicted to it. I rocked a caffeine headache this morning that clearly proves the state of my addiction.

Yep. Straight to the Starbucks drive-through once that appointment was over. No delay.

But caffeine addiction aside, to me coffee is delicious. The stronger the better. I love that full-bodied taste, that rich aroma. Mmm… best way to start my day.

Watery coffee can go to hell. I’d rather reheat and drink a cold Starbucks over freshly-brewed-water-disguising-itself-as-coffee any day. Ya, that’s right. Because that reheated Starbucks tastes like coffee!

Alas, I know not everyone is of like mind. There are those of you out there who like weak-tasting coffee. You call it “mild”, or “lightly brewed” or (*shudder*) Tim’s. I married one of you. But I don’t understand you.

To me, these “mild” coffees don’t have any flavour. Maybe that’s the point? This lighter coffee is simply a conduit to caffeine? I’m not saying I like my coffee to taste like tar but it’s got to taste like something other than watery blegh.

So tell me, if you’re a coffee drinker – how do you like your coffee? Bold or “mild”?

Hello, my precious.



2 Responses to “Watery coffee can go to hell”

  1. Adrienne

    BOLD. I’m a Starbucks gal all the way. Especially loving the CLOVER machine they just got in ours…if you haven’t had the experience, oh just you wait!!
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  2. Ingrid

    Bold, French Roast is my fav. I’ve been told that my coffee is way too strong, whatever. I grew up drinking strong European coffee, best part of the morning – that first cup!


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