Truth and Reconciliation – what I thought I knew about residential schools

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The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its recommendations have been in the news a lot recently. Their recommendations centre around the importance of educating the Canadian public about what really happened in the residential school system. Until recently, I actually thought I knew. I knew these schools started operating in the 1800’s. First run by … Continued

Tolerance and acceptance means not having to ‘take anything back’

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Brian Burke, General Manager to the Toronto Maple Leafs was on George Stromboloupous last night talking about encouraging a more tolerant, welcoming atmosphere in the NHL for gay hockey players. I’m no Leafs fan (Go Sens Go!) but I’m a fan of Brian Burke. He’s got what you would call a strong moral compass. He … Continued

House renos and teary pleas for freezies


Yesterday, Maija at Maija’s Mommy  Moments wrote about rocking the working mom gig…or not. Her post definitely brought a commiserating smile to my face because ya…my house is totally on the brink of chaos and mayhem on a daily basis. Between DD demanding freezies for breakfast (yeah…so not going to happen) and finally settling on frozen bread (her … Continued