Right where I need to be


I’ve been working on focusing my attention on the present and not the ever-growing to-do list. The pressing deadlines. The next obligation activity. The next-next, whatever it may be. I’m sure you know from experience how difficult it can be to just be. It can take real effort. So I’ve been practicing. And in that practice … Continued

I love soup


Knee-deep in cold, blustering winter it should come as no surprise that I source comfort and warmth at every turn. Peppermint tea is my coffee mug’s best friend. I wear slippers like they’re a runway fashion. Scarves and woolly sweaters adorn my neck and torso like a koala baby to its mom. Oh and the soup. I savour a … Continued

Why I took a selfie a day in 2014 – #365feministselfie project


Late December 2013, just a day or two before New Year’s 2014, I came across some chatter on Instagram about the #365feministselfie project and I was intrigued. @VeronicaEye had put forth a photo challenge to women everywhere: take a photo of yourself every day for a year. This photo challenge wasn’t just in response to the anti-selfie … Continued

I’m vincible


Did you ever watch the Flight of the Conchords TV series when it aired back in the day? One of my favourite songs from the show is “Hurt Feelings (Tears of a Rapper)”. This line: “The day after my birthday is not my birthday, mum.” Honestly. Hilarious. The song has been on replay a bit – … Continued

I’m speaking at the #StartNow conference!


This Saturday I’m participating in a Women in the Workplace panel at the #StartNow Student Leadership conference taking place at the University of Ottawa. Organized by the Her Campus UOttawa chapter, I’m pretty darn excited to be included. My fellow panelists include Karen C. Wilson of Wellman Wilson Consulting and Alicia Natividad, Barrister and Sollicitor. We’ll discuss … Continued