So here’s a confession


I don’t like being vulnerable. Who does. But vulnerability counts. In many ways. Across many avenues of life. Take blogging. It’s about giving yourself to others. An act of generosity as Jean-Luc Boissonneault writes. Because trust happens “when you’re generous.” (Nicely said, Jean-Luc.) Well, that kind of generosity can be hard. Giving myself to others … Continued

I’m a creature of habit


I’m one of those people who eats the same breakfast almost everyday. My¬†morning meal is primarily¬†oatmeal with fruit, almond milk and protein powder (VEGA, which I highly recommend). When I want to live it up a little (whoo!), I make a smoothie instead. Or I’ll do peanut butter on toast with sliced fruit. Like strawberries. … Continued

Right where I need to be


I’ve been working on focusing my attention on the present and not the ever-growing to-do list. The pressing deadlines. The next obligation activity. The next-next, whatever it may be. I’m sure you know from experience how difficult it can be to just be. It can take¬†real effort. So I’ve been practicing. And in that practice … Continued

I love soup


Knee-deep in¬†cold, blustering winter it should come as no surprise that I source comfort and warmth at every turn. Peppermint tea is my¬†coffee mug’s best friend. I wear slippers like they’re a runway fashion. Scarves and woolly sweaters adorn my neck and torso like a koala baby to its mom. Oh and the soup.¬†I savour¬†a … Continued

Why I took a selfie a day in 2014 – #365feministselfie project


Late December 2013, just a day or two before New Year’s 2014, I came across some chatter on Instagram about the #365feministselfie project and I was intrigued. @VeronicaEye¬†had put forth a photo challenge to women everywhere:¬†take a photo of yourself every day for a year. This photo challenge wasn’t just in response to the anti-selfie … Continued