What men and women want is food


Do you have a favourite food? Something you could eat again and again? For me, it’s chocolate. The darker the better. I don’t need it fancied up with fruit pieces or caramel or sel de mer. Nope. Just give me dark chocolate. Straight. Up. (Does this mean I forego the fancied up chocolate if presented … Continued

Tolerance and acceptance means not having to ‘take anything back’

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Brian Burke, General Manager to the Toronto Maple Leafs was on George Stromboloupous last night talking about encouraging a more tolerant, welcoming atmosphere in the NHL for gay hockey players. I’m no Leafs fan (Go Sens Go!) but I’m a fan of Brian Burke. He’s got what you would call a strong moral compass. He … Continued

It’s so cheesy, and yet…

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I am one of many eagerly awaiting November 18th. What’s the big deal? Well…it’s the release date for Breaking Dawn…yes I know, I’m blogging about that movie franchise. The one that has girls and grown women shrieking and swooning in movie theatres around the world. Confession: While I haven’t shrieked or swooned myself (I swear), … Continued