Getting better before it gets worse


After a two-year hiatus I am back reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries aka Sookie Stackhouse novels that True Blood is based on. This time however, I’m reading them as e-books.

I wanted to test out reading off of my iPhone and boy was I disappointed to find the Sookie Stackhouse books aren’t available through Apple’s iBook app. (If I’m wrong – please correct me but I searched the iBook library high and low).

Last week I downloaded the Kobo iPhone app. After a rough start with the first book not downloading right away as it should, I was able to begin reading Dead and Gone, the ninth book in the series.

I thought reading off my iPhone would be hard – I figured the small text and small screen would not make it enjoyable.

Turns out it was hard to read…but not for the reason I thought.

While I had a niggling feeling for a while that I needed to get my eyes checked, reading off my iPhone made me realize there is something seriously wonky with my eyesight.

Glasses on: words on iPhone screen swim and eyes hurt from effort.

Glasses off: words no longer do synchronized dance routine and eyes can read just fine.

Quick visit to the optometrist revealed my eye sight has improved since the last time I had my eyes checked (two years ago à la Sookie reading).


As in my  eyes don’t need such strong lenses to see the world.

That’s why reading off my iPhone was so hard. Ha!

The bad news?

My optometrist told me that sometimes – as people age – their eye sight improves, but it’s an indicator they will eventually need bifocals.

So my eye sight is getting better before it gets worse. Where’s the justice?

p.s.: @hotelqueen told me on Twitter that her eye sight improved after each pregnancy and that I should just have another baby. 😉

10 Responses to “Getting better before it gets worse”

  1. Mary @ Parenthood

    Ymmv. My eyesight got a lot worse. As did my teeth. My opthamologist and dentist both said this is common.

    • melgallant

      Common after pregnancy you mean? Yikes – babies sure do take a toll on the body! Good thing they’re so cute and lovable. 🙂

  2. Kristy

    I’ve noticed my eyes doing the exact same thing! My prescription got lighter last year, but now I sometimes have to remove my glasses in order to see something small that’s close to my face. I never had to do that before. I can still read my phone well with my glasses though, so hopefully bifocals are still a long way off.

    I’ve read somewhere that our eyes tend to get farsighted as we age. I was hoping that meant that my eyes would just correct their own nearsightedness, but maybe that’s not the case. 🙁

    • melgallant

      Kristy – I’m looking forward to a window of time – however short – where I have near perfect vision. I’ve pondered laser eye surgery…but unsure about it…will probably wear glasses for life. 🙂

  3. Lara

    Well that does kind of suck. I’m not a big fan of this getting older business 😉

    So once you get the new glasses, I want to hear how reading on your phone actually is. I’m skeptical 😉

    • melgallant

      Hey Lara – this getting old business is just full of surprises! As for reading off the iPhone, when I take my glasses off…it’s fine. You can adjust the font size too which helps. That said, I still like to read a ‘real’ book. 🙂

  4. Nancy

    My eyesight improved as well after Zac was born, and I’m also slamming into 40 this year… so I’ve got the double whammy. We’ll see, after child #2 in July, perhaps I’ll be ahem…”perfect”. Right now, I just need glasses to drive (legally) and to crisp up distance. I don’t wear them around the house, since they’re a pain and seem to collect sticky little boy prints. Can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten into the car, and… ah, NUTS! had to go back in for them. I don’t have a problem reading the iPod Touch…. but would rather the real book.

    • melgallant

      I need my glasses all the time…not just for driving. I envy you to only need them for that. But who knows – maybe after this pregnancy you can kick glasses to the curb forever!

      p.s.: you look great for someone ‘slamming into 40’. 🙂

  5. Lynn

    That’s remarkable…I had no idea that it was even possible for eyes to improve. Sadly, I’m at the bifocal stage now – I see my eye doctor next week and then it’s off for the old lady glasses. Between that and the grey hairs I think it’s time to admit that middle age has arrived. Eep!

  6. Sara

    You learn something new everyday 🙂 I spent good chunks of my pregnancy at the dentist – my teeth don’t like pregnancy hormones!


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