Have you set up Google Authorship on your blog yet?


Google kindly emailed me today to let me know that I’ve established authorship on one of my blogs. Which means my Google profile photo and a link to my Google+ profile can now appear next to my content in search results. It looks like this: My example doesn’t use an actual article from Confessions of a … Continued

Ottawa social media scene is where it’s at


I really like living in Ottawa – it’s such a lovely city. Some say it’s a boring snooze-fest government town but one of the things that makes this city great is its thriving social media scene. There is always something going on – be it a tweetup, a meetup or some other event that celebrates … Continued

What men and women want is food


Do you have a favourite food? Something you could eat again and again? For me, it’s chocolate. The darker the better. I don’t need it fancied up with fruit pieces or caramel or sel de mer. Nope. Just give me dark chocolate. Straight. Up. (Does this mean I forego the fancied up chocolate if presented … Continued

Infographics are sooo 2000-late

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What do you think of videographics? You know…take the idea of an infographic but create it in video. This one provides stats on Twitter users – what they tweet, when and why. The video is well done. I like the incorporation of birds tweeting in the audio for added effect. However, videographics aren’t a new … Continued

Bliss state of mind


It’s been almost a full week since the Blissdom Canada conference. As you may know, I was ecstatic about attending – for a second year – Canada’s only social media conference for women. I had set a few goals for myself, one of them fully realized through the creation of this blog. Yes, indeed! I … Continued

Gearing up for Bliss


There are only 9 sleeps until Blissdom Canada! Okay, well ten sleeps if you don’t include the Kick-off Reception Thursday night. Like many of my fellow attendees, I am soooo looking forward to this conference. Perhaps you’ve seen us tweeting about it for the past year? 😉 For those of you who don’t know, Blissdom … Continued