I’m speaking at the #StartNow conference!


This Saturday I’m participating in a Women in the Workplace panel at the #StartNow Student Leadership conference taking place at the University of Ottawa. Organized by the Her Campus UOttawa chapter, I’m pretty darn excited to be included. My fellow panelists include Karen C. Wilson of Wellman Wilson Consulting and Alicia Natividad, Barrister and Sollicitor. We’ll discuss … Continued

Auditory deliciousness in a word


Words are pretty cool. Some more than others. For example: “litany” rolls of the tongue far nicer than say, “garbanza“. And “kaleidoscope” is simple auditory deliciousness. More so than “vestibule“. Not that I have anything against vestibules. They serve a fine purpose as an entrance to you know, a lobby, which is really an entrance. So a … Continued