Auditory deliciousness in a word


Words are pretty cool. Some more than others.

For example: “litany” rolls of the tongue far nicer than say, “garbanza“.

And “kaleidoscope” is simple auditory deliciousness. More so than “vestibule“.

Not that I have anything against vestibules. They serve a fine purpose as an entrance to you know, a lobby, which is really an entrance. So a vestibule is an entrance to an entrance. A pre-entrance if you will.

Not sure I’ve used the word vesitbule all that much. When telling someone you will meet up with them in a random or not-so-random building (like an office building) do you say, “Meet me in the vestibule” or do you say “Meet me in the lobby”?

You know you say lobby. Even when you are technically meeting up in the vestibule.

Fav word alert!

My favourite word to pronounce looks more like a phrase than a word. It isn’t even an English word.

Although many, many words in the English language have been assimilated from other languages. So really, this one should be up for everday Anglo-speaking consideration. Because it’s cadence is almost sensual. Ya that’s right…I’m likening the sound of this word to arousing gratification. The earworm kind – not that kind. Sheesh.

Ready for the word? Okay, here it is:

Le buerre d’arachide (pronounced: le burr d’ah-rah-sheed)

Ya, that’s right. Peanut butter is my fav word to say.

Now go ahead – whisper it. Doesn’t it sound exotic when pronounced en français?

Oui. Mais oui.

If you don’t think it sounds just a little bit exotic – just a little bit sensual – then you’re the crazy one!

Do you have a favourite word? Maybe one that brings back fond memories of childhood or that you think is just really fun to say? Or wait – do you think the whole idea of having a favourite word is just a little bit coo-coo? 

6 Responses to “Auditory deliciousness in a word”

  1. Sherrie Guthrie

    We call Peanut Butter …Mommy Butter. Now that is sexy 🙂

  2. Ayala

    Peanut butter sounds good in any language 😉 hope all is well by you 🙂

  3. Amy Whitley

    Saying ‘peanut butter’ just won’t cut it anymore! Thanks for that! 🙂


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