I now live a life a leisure


Yes, that right. I am a woman with time on my hands. All thanks to the purchase of an electric can opener.

You see, I have what DH lovingly refers to as “Tyrannosaurus Rex hands”. They look like regular, everyday hands you would see out and about during your day…but mine are freakishly small.

Slight exaggeration but let me explain

Women who are tinier than me (shorter, more petite women I can practically carry in my tote bag) have larger hands than I do. This not something I state based soley on a comparison between my hands and those of a few select women I cornered for a hand-size test (because…that would just be weird, right? Right…).

My Tyrannosaurus Rex hands have meted out the test of time…if freakishly small hands on a relatively-normal sized body were an Olympic sport, I’d be breaking gold medal records all over the place.

(I also have this hand bone that sticks out and makes people go, “Ew…!” but that’s a story for another day.)

My point is…

Small hands make it difficult to wrestle with a manual can opener. I hear you laughing at me but I’m serious!

Say you make a mean five-bean salad. But the thought of having to wrench each 250 ml can of beans open with your hand-crippling manual can opener deters you from culinary genius.

Your loved ones lose out on a really delicious salad!

So you see, with my new electric can opener, food preparation is a breeze. I am free to explore culinary wizardry at my leisure.

My new, totally awesome electric can opener:

I shall now go and rest my Tyrannosaurus Rex hands…

 * T-Rex comic image sourced via hahafunnylol.com

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  1. Karen

    It’s truly the little things that make us happy! I have that same can opener and I will replace it when it dies. I’ve kept an electric one since I moved out of my parents’ house. I detest wasting time on manual ones. Congrats to you and your hands. 😉


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