Falling off the exercise wagon…oops

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My health and fitness resolution – to drink more water each day, do some form of exercise each and to stretch, stretch, stretch – has already gone ka-plooey.

Okay, I got some exercise in yesterday which I’m happy about. But before that, the last time I exercised was last Wednesday.


So much for doing something everyday.

It’s not all bad. I was actually feeling quite sluggish yesterday, having had to work late Sunday night (last minute deadline) and then be up early Monday morning to continue working.

However, I pushed myself to workout and am I ever glad I did. I felt tired, grumpy and anxious before I worked out. Afterwards, I felt energized, content and happy. It is that bliss feeling that reminds me to keep going.

So. I veered off my goal but I’m persevering. I have a water glass by my side as I type this post. I should probably do some stretching too. Does reaching for a cookie count? No? Hmmm.

Fitness locked and loaded with my personal trainer tomorrow. Onward.

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  1. Sasha

    How do weeks sneak by like that? Happens to me all the time. I’m in the midst of regrouping, too. I figured, if I wasn’t meeting my goals, I’d just change them :).


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