Six Word Fridays: Happy (and a BOLO shout-out)


Last night I did something new.

I ditched my comfort zone and

Shared a piece of writing publicly.

Spoken sharing is different from online.

The web gives you some distance;

You don’t see people’s reactions to

Your words. You read them. Safer.

Last night I did something new,

And am better for it. Happier.

Yes – looking forward to next year.

Me at the mic!

BOLO was a blast!

This Six Word Friday post is inspired by my first ever Blog Out Loud Ottawa (BOLO) experience. Last night, I was one of 21 Ottawa bloggers given the opportunity to share a favourite post from the past year.

It was so much fun!

Not only did I get to hear some fabulous personal stories – both funny and heart-wrenching – but I also got to reflect on how totally awesome the social media community is here in Ottawa.

All of the writing shared last night was awesome. Some of my personal favs include:

  • Sara McConnell of My Points of View – Honesty is Overrated and Grace of Mothermind – Lost and FoundSara offers a funny and Grace a touching recount on how there is no easy way to talk about the death of a loved pet with a child. There just isn’t.
  • Jordan Kent-Bass of Project: Nest – Jordan’s Easter Confessional RevisitedPure hilarity on why you should avoid shopping on Easter Sunday.
  • Nadine Thornhill of Adorkable Undies – 5 Tips on How to Talk to Kids About SexHow the best laid plans to sex-educate her son went awry at every turn.

To read the full list of articles shared at BOLO 2012, visit the BOLO website.

People of Ottawa –  you are just so supportive. I want to thank everyone for their super kind words after hearing me read. I’d also like to thank my mom for coming with me as moral support.

And another big thank you to Lynn and all the volunteers who made BOLO 2012 such a huge success. See you next year!

For more Six Word Fridays fun, visit Melissa’ blog.

* Photo image credits to Lynn, BOLO organizer extraordinaire – thanks Lynn!

17 Responses to “Six Word Fridays: Happy (and a BOLO shout-out)”

  1. Andrea Ross

    Thanks for your daring and your sharing. And for your reflection on something-new, above.
    See you next time!

  2. Brook

    ooh, you are braver than I
    that is very cool

  3. ayala

    That’s great, Mel 🙂 good for you!

  4. melissa

    WOW! You are so brave. It sounds fantastic.

  5. Sara

    I’m so glad you shared the post you did. It was brave and strong to write and even more amazing to share with a room full of strangers.

    • melgallant

      Thanks Sara. In facing this fertility struggle, talking about it on my blog and with friends and family openly…it felt like the right post to share. 🙂

  6. Ginger

    Another Owatta blogger! I live in Texas but I follow and Owatta blog or two and now I have another! I am so envious of the Owatta blogging community! Congratulations on reading!

  7. Tweepwife

    You rocked it Mel! And left me in tears and swallowing a big lump of remembering. Gary and I suffered three years of infertility before our first baby miracle arrived and over a year the second time. The process of private grief and worry and anger, and the knowing how and when to share it, resonated with me too. I recently blogged about how Mothers day feels to me even though I have to kids and our infertility is almost two decades gone. But you, you spoke just beautifully at BOLO. I felt privileged to hear it.

    • melgallant

      Thanks Mary. Your words mean a lot. I was so nervous to speak at BOLO but I’m glad I did it. The private grief of infertility can really eat at you and I found I needed to voice it / face it instead of continuously tamping it down or putting on a brave face. I do know that my perspective has changed too (as you know from my post :)). I don’t want to let this loss eat away at me. I’m not forgetting…I’m just looking forward.

  8. Sasha

    You did great! Did I talk to you? Is it terrible that I can’t even remember? That night is a blur….

    • melgallant

      Ha! We did talk…for like 2 seconds…right before I had to leave. I missed your session so I quickly popped over to wish you good luck. I heard you did exceptionally well. 🙂

  9. ingrid

    You did well Mel, even though this is coming from your Mom LOL. I’m glad that I attended the event. It was an eye opener for a blog-want-to-be. I too am looking forward to next year’s event.


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