Six Word Fridays: love


The truth: I love social media Not for the tools or gadgetry Although that does play a part It’s for the connections I’ve made The people who have enriched me The opportunities to build/contribute something Greater than myself; supporting my community Participating, engaging, learning, sharing – yes, yes All those trite, over-used expressions Are really, … Continued

5 Reasons you should participate in a Twitter chat (or two)


Twitter chats are a great way to connect and engage with others, especially if you are new to Twitter and looking to build your network. Even if you are one of the seasoned Twitterati, these chats offer tremendous opportunity to make new connections and sustain existing relationships (you never know who you might know in … Continued

Chic (in Ottawa) for a week: 100 Strangers Project


Some of you may know that I’m co-founder of Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa (GGDOttawa) with Veronica and Kelly. Well, we had the great fortune to be included in a photography meme featuring and celebrating people of Ottawa. The meme is photographer Kimusan’s (aka @relishing) Ottawa contribution to a global photography exhibit called The 100 Strangers Project. Kimusan … Continued