Totally late to the party


You know when you discover something and you think it’s new? You see yourself on the cutting edge of life. A purveyor of innovation, culture and experiences.


I discovered Game of Thrones last month and thought it was new, new, new. Turns out it aired on HBO last year and is based on a series of books by George R. R. Martin that have been around for ages.

Apparently I have been living under a rock.

I’m not always so late to the party. Sometimes I actually know things before they become mainstream.

For example – did you know stirrup pants are making a fashion comeback? Ya, you read that right.

Click the link…you’ll see. I’m totally tapped into the zeitgeist.


Anyway, here’s a teaser for Season 2 – Game of Thrones, which starts in April:

Are you into this show already? Have you read the books? My friend got them as a gift for Christmas and promised to lend them to me. Can’t wait…seriously can’t wait.

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5 Responses to “Totally late to the party”

  1. Karen

    Okay, A) you and I are in the same boat here. I started hearing about Game of Thrones a few weeks ago and you just told me far more than I’ve heard anywhere else.

    B) STIRRUPS, REALLY!? I was so afraid of this when I heard leggings were coming back. How did we not learn our lesson the first time around?

    • melgallant

      Karen, the stirrup pant thing has got me thrown for a loop. No one looks good in them. No one. Oh well…there’s one fashion (re-)trend I won’t be partaking in. 🙂

      As for Game of Thrones…so good. So. Good.

  2. Adrienne

    will have to watch this on netflix or something – I’ve heard great things…and usually stay plugged in thanks to my 20something kids. Otherwise, I would seriously know nothing. And I refuse to acknowledge that other thing you brought up!

    • melgallant


      Definitely check it out. I defy you to only watch one episode at a time. You’ll get hooked, I swear. As for ignoring that other thing I mentioned – wise idea! LOL

  3. ayala

    Mel, I will try and watch this…It must be great if you are hooked. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


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