Chic (in Ottawa) for a week: 100 Strangers Project


Some of you may know that I’m co-founder of Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa (GGDOttawa) with Veronica and Kelly. Well, we had the great fortune to be included in a photography meme featuring and celebrating people of Ottawa. The meme is photographer Kimusan’s (aka @relishing) Ottawa contribution to a global photography exhibit called The 100 Strangers Project. Kimusan … Continued

Jane Austen’s Fight Club: that’s right!


While the first rule of Fight Club may be to not talk about Fight Club…I can’t resist. There is a video making the rounds on the Internet called Jane Austen’s Fight Club. reports the video is racking up more than 37,000 views on YouTube. I know I’ve saved it to my YouTube favorites. I’m … Continued

‘I Am T-Pain’ app gives me iPhone envy


I’m suffering from iPhone envy. It’s been going on for some time now but peaked to an intolerable level yesterday upon watching The Ellen Degeneres Show. (I’m on maternity leave and have been sucked into daytime talk shows in lieu of being able to participate in regular adult conversations during the day). Yesterday on Ellen, … Continued