Top Internet searches of 2009: we miss MJ and love social sites

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Google and Bing released their top Internet searches of 2009 and it looks like a lot people wanted to find social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Hi5 and Hulu. Understandably, Michael Jackson was hugely searched as well.

As listed on ReadWriteWeb, here are the top search queries for 2009:

Google – Fastest Rising Search Queries in the US Google – Fastest Rising Search Queries Globally Bing – Top Trending Topics
1. Twitter 1. Michael Jackson 1. Michael Jackson
2. Michael Jackson 2. Facebook 2. Twitter
3. Facebook 3. tuenti 3. Swine Flu
4. Hulu 4. Twitter 4. Stock Market
5. hi5 5. sanalika 5. Farrah Fawcett
6. Glee 6. New Moon 6. Patrick Swayze
7. Paranormal Activiy 7. Lady Gaga 7. Cash for Clunkers
8. Natasha Richardson 8. Windows 7 8. Jon and Kate Gosselin
9. Farrah Fawcett 9. 9. Billy Mays
10. Lady Gaga 10. torpedo gratis 10. Jaycee Dugard

According to the 2009 Google Zeitgeist survey, the “spirit of the times” was all about the King of Pop’s songs.

As a Twilight fan, I nod in understanding at the high number of searches on New Moon (have you visited Twilighters Anonymous yet?) The Lady Gaga searches gave me pause though. I didn’t think she was that popular. Guess I’ve been living under a rock or something.

The results really are a sign of the times though with high searches on celebrities and people who made news this year. You can bet that Tiger Woods would have made one of these lists if Google and Bing had waited just a wee bit longer to collect their findings. 😉

Queries on “Swine Flu”, “Cash for clunkers” and the “stock market” also indicate what has been top of mind for many people this year.

That “paranormal activity” (or “activiy” as spelled above) made it to number 7 in fastest rising searches in the US makes me wonder if those Ghostbusters out there have seen an increase in business. 😉

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