Right where I need to be


I’ve been working on focusing my attention on the present and not the ever-growing to-do list. The pressing deadlines. The next obligation activity. The next-next, whatever it may be.

I’m sure you know from experience how difficult it can be to just be. It can take real effort.

So I’ve been practicing.

And in that practice of being in the moment I’ve discovered something key.

That I’m exactly where I need to be. Right then.

And that realization is such a peaceful one. And so gratifying too.

This year has been challenging in a number of ways I won’t bore you with. And yet, those challenges don’t stop the world from moving forward or the needs of my daughter for the time and attention of her parents. They don’t stop my need for self-discovery, self-nourishment. Or those same needs of my husband.

Life craps on each and every one of us in its unique, special way. None of us are impervious.

There are lots of things I cannot control. But I can chose to be present.

Funny, case-in-point story:

I went for a hearing test last week because I found myself increasingly unable to follow conversations. I can hear people talking but I can’t catch every word, especially in noisy environments.

Well, turns out I don’t have a hearing problem. I have a listening problem.

not listening
I can’t hear you because I’m not listening.

The hearing specialist gave me some tips to help me focus on conversations with others. Which is terrible and terribly funny all at once.

Essentially, this woman was politely giving me tips on how to pay attention to other people.


I’m working on it. This being present mindset. My reward is a sense of well-being and gratitude.

Gratitude and acceptance. That whatever I’m doing…

  • Yoga and workouts scheduled in my week
  • Pretend-play, trampoline time, etc. with my daughter
  • Reading
  • Time with friends & family

…I’m right where I need to be.

crazy hats
We made crazy hats yesterday. Best craft project ever.

2 Responses to “Right where I need to be”

  1. Lynn

    Lovely! We could all be a little more mindful, I think – me especially. I’ll be putting my listening ears on :).

  2. coffee with julie

    Yes, mindfulness! It’s the key to everything apparently and yet I am TERRIBLE at it. I think it takes a lot of conscious practice. Also – my husband has that same hearing problem (no joke, his hearing has been testing too … haha!)


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