kimchi and a word about this blog

a delicious Korean sidedish
a delicious Korean sidedish

As I was working to set up this blog, my neighbours stopped by and gave me some kimchi/kimchee/gimchi (choose your spelling).

Ever had kimchi? It’s a delicious Korean side dish, often served with rice. It’s a bit spicy and a great accompaniment to non-Korean dishes too (I eat it in sandwiches and in soup).

So now I am writing this post in between yummy bites of kimchi. It makes the writing part take longer but it’s worth it.

The topics covered in this blog of mine are going to be a bit miscellaneous. However, the main focus will be to share my experiences as a communications professional. And I think a good place to start is to talk about my experiences with social media.

I stumbled into the social media industry just over two years ago when I began working for Ramius Corporation. btw – Ramius is the company behind Sixent, a social networking platform I encourage you to check out…not just because I work for Ramius, but because it’s not Facebook.

Sixent is the answer to the friend-or-not-to-friend question presented to you each time someone “friends” you on Facebook. With Sixent you can create any number of profiles (professional, personal, family, etc) and then share them as you like with your diverse contact network. The benefit is that Sixent gives you the ability to show different sides of yourself to different people. Which makes sense if you think about.

I mean, let’s be realistic. There are certain parts of your life you don’t need everyone with access to Google to know about. The profiles you create in Sixent are tied to pages, groups and content (like files, blog posts, photos and videos) that you can selectively share. So really, what Sixent does is give you the ability to share the right information with the right people. You can check out my Sixent profile at

Now with Sixent explained, a word or two more about this blog and why I created it.

The reason for this blog is simply this: I’m a social media junkie. I enjoy the conversational elements of it and the opportunities to learn and explore with people around the globe. That said, while I will use this blog to share info, news and experiences related to PR and communications, I will also blog randomly about whatever. Consider yourself forewarned.

And that’s it really. Thanks for reading this far. 😉

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  1. Veronica Giggey

    Congratulations on your very own blog! Looking forward to it.

  2. melgallant

    Thanks Veronica!

  3. Joe Boughner

    Welcome to the ranks of the communications bloggy types. Hopefully you find the time and inspiration to update more than I do these days.

  4. WTL

    Welcome to blogging, Mel. I’ve added your RSS to my feedreeder.

  5. Natasha D'Souza

    Awesome to see you back in the Blogsphere, looking forward to your posts.

  6. melgallant

    Thanks Natasha! You’re a great supporter. 😉


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