Blog news tracking sites – take your pick!

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Well here’s an article that may be of interest to those of you who like to blog search. Over at, Josh Lowensohn gives an overview of seven (count ’em!) seven different blog news tracker services.

There are the usual suspects, like Google Blog Search, Technorati and Techmeme, but the other services include:

Why use a blog news tracking service?

Well to find out what bloggers are saying of course! These sites track topics of discussion taking place on blogs and can help you to identify influencers and negaters of your brand. You can see what topics are currently “hot” in the blogosphere by seeing how many bloggers are writing about it, and how often those blog posts are read.

So go ahead and read Josh’s article. Even if you already use a favourite service, you may find one in the list you like even better.

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