Opportunity knocks…with Seth Godin

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Seth Godin – a marketing guru, best-selling author and entrepreneur – is inviting the right candidates to participate in a six-month “apprenticeship/not-internship/graduate school/charm school track-changing opportunity.”

The idea is to offer people looking for change the opportunity to shift their careers / career direction without having to invest heavy dollars into going back to school. He’s willing to do this for free.

Yes – free. But there is a catch. Seth has some requirements he needs candidates to fulfill:

  • You need to be willing to relocate (his office is outside NY at zip code 10706)
  • You must speak perfect English
  • You can’t smoke
  • You have to be nice and smart with good references
  • Your business background doesn’t matter – it’s what you’ve done and how you’ve done it that does
  • You must apply by December 14, 2008 and be available to start the program January 19, 2009

In this program that Seth calls an alternative to an MBA, he promises to deliver an experience where the selected candidates will do real work (both for Seth and on their own projects) and gain useful knowledge and experience.

And Seth is clear in that he intends to get as much out of it as the selected candidates. As he says,

This is a guided quest, one that delivers value to you (from the learning and the doing) and to me (from the teaching and from the work you’ll produce.)

I think this is a really neat idea and a great way for someone like Seth to give back to his community. If you are interested and think you’re the right candidate for Seth’s non-MBA program, you can access the full application and program details here.

Good luck!

ps: Seth is holding a conference call on Thursday, December 4th so you can ask lots of questions and get a better understanding of the initiative. Conference call details are available on his Squidoo lens (aka page) at http://www.squidoo.com/Alternative-MBA.

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