DigiMarketing’s take on new media marketing


I saw this on the list on the Retail Rumblings blog and like it so much, I thought I’d re-post it here. It’s from DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Media & Digital Marketing and offers an interesting take on the way the world’s view of marketing has changed. Plus I like lists and this one is easy to skim through. 😉

From Traditional Marketing To DigiMarketing
Consumers as Viewers Consumers as Participants
Impressions/Frequency Involvement/Interaction
Broadcast Media Addressable Channels
Schedule-driven Time Shifted – Anytime
Marketer-Led Consumer-Initiated
Push Marketing Opt-In and Share Marketing
Traditional Media Planning New media Planning
Managed PR Digital Influence
Integrated Marketing Unified Marketing
Sometimes Data-enabled Always Data-enabled
Post-campaign Tracking Real-Time Measurement
Partial ROI Optimization


What do you think? Any other examples to add?

3 Responses to “DigiMarketing’s take on new media marketing”

  1. kelly rusk

    This is a fantastic list. I like the comparison. I think the online world has changed marketing and some have a hard time understanding exactly what has changed–this shows it perfectly. Thanks for posting Mel!

  2. melgallant

    hey Kelly – i like the list too. it’s nice and succinct. and definitely makes you think more closely about your own initiatives and how they do (or don’t) align with digital marketing best practices.

  3. ian fenwick

    Well thanks…it was fun makeing all those lists, glad someone gets something out of them!

    Follow me on Twitter, I’m DrIanFenwick


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