it’s been a while


So I realize that blogging is a full time commitment and I’ve let it all run amok when it comes to this blog. It’s been a hectic few months for me on the home front. I moved into a new house in late June and had a baby a little over a month later. It’s been a busy summer to say the least!

I am excited to get back into blogging again – it’s been too long! One of the hard things about being a first-time mom is not realizing how much time a wee little baby takes up in a day. I knew I’d be busy – don’t get me wrong – but I honestly thought I’d have a few hours a day to myself to do things like play on the computer, read a book or whatever. Ha! I’ve only just in the last few days been able to get my daughter to go to sleep without me holding her and it has taken hours of practice to get to this stage.

All this to say…I intend to get back into blogging here regularly again – amidst feedings, diaper changes and cuddles – so stay tuned!

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  1. sassymonkey

    Wait. What? You had a baby? I missed that completely. Congratulations!

    • melgallant

      Yes – a baby! That’s why I’ve been MIA for so long. 🙂 A little girl named Alison. Hope to see you soon!

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