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As a new mom, I heart gDiapers. As a marketing communications professional, I heart the community they’ve built around their brand.

I learned about gDiapers last year in a Chatelaine article and thought I’d try them out. They work really well and are easy to use and I plan to keep using them.

gDiapersA mom and pop shop based out of Oregon, gDiapers marries the convenience of a disposable diaper with the eco-friendliness of a cloth diaper. Essentially, they consist of a washable, cotton outer little “gPant” and a plastic-free biodegradable diaper liner called a “gRefill”.

The liner gets lined with a paper insert that is 100% biodegradable and can be flushed down the loo, tossed into the compost or even the garbage. The insert will biodegrade within 150 days which is considerably less time than a typical disposable diaper (it takes 500 years for one disposable diaper to bite the dust).

Using the disposable liners can get expensive but not any more expensive than buying disposable and the company also offers gCloth inserts as another earth-friendly alternative to work with little gPants.gDiaper101

Moms and Dads across the US and Canada love gDiapers. And gDiapers is deeply engaged with its customer base.

You just have to visit the gDiapers fan page on Facebook to see how much. Customer post photos of their little ones wearing gDiapers. They also give feedback to gDiapers and ask questions about using the product. Not only does the gDiaper team respond to these questions and use the page to engage with customers, other customers also answer questions and offer advice.

If you go to the gDiapers website, there are multiple ways to join the gDiapers community including CEO Jason’s blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. And through the company website you can call their 1-800 number to speak to a member of their “Diaper Therapy Team” who are ready to answer customer questions and provide assistance with using gDiapers.

Shipping to Canada from the gDiapers website is expensive. They’ve told me that the company is looking for ways to broaden their distribution in Canada but there is no timeline yet on when this will happen. An economical solution is to go to a local retailer that sells gDiapers and purchase two or more of the gDiaper starter kits. It’s actually cheaper to do this than to pay for shipping from the gDiaper website.

Alternatively, there is another website called that sells gDiapers and has much more economical shipping rates from the US.

They key here is that gDiapers listens and makes the effort build real dialogue with their customers. In doing so, they’ve created a brand experience where customers feel like they are part of something really fun. Oh and of course good for their babies and the planet. 🙂

*images used are from the gDiapers website

4 Responses to “gWhiz I like gDiapers”

  1. melgallant

    a friend pointed me to this Canadian website that sells gDiapers and the gCloth inserts:


  2. Melany Gallant

    I also found this other site that offers free shipping to Canada. Note: I haven’t ordered from them so not sure of the service. They do offer PayPal.

  3. Scott Lake

    Ok – so this is a little off topic for me but my son Henry is a big user of gDiapers and I have to say that I really like them too.

    What we did though, is we bought the gDiapers outside layer and my wife sewed our own cloth inserts for them. Works well!

  4. Melany Gallant

    Hey Scott,

    That’s a great idea! Definitely an economic approach b/c you can buy the starter kits locally (to get the gPants and the liners) and then you’re good to go. 😀


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