Cheerios and watermelon: the go-to foods


I just spent 1.5 hours slicing, dicing then sauteing and steaming some very healthy, and in my opinion, delicious food for my 12-month old. The same toddler who will undoubtedly try the food, then a) spit it out and/or b) throw it to the floor.


I say this because feeding my daughter these last few months has not been easy. It’s hard to not to get worked up about feeding your child when said child will only eat a bite or two at each meal. Keep in mind, this is simple fare and often food she has eaten before with great relish.

Although I do introduce new foods all the time. Or try to anyway.

No pretty sure this has to do with asserting her independence, which is fantastic! if it wasn’t just a wee bit stressful. And we know not to make a big deal of it. Not to force her to eat. To give her opportunities to feed herself, etc. We know all that.

It’s just. Please. Eat something. Anything other than Cheerios and watermelon. Which by the way, we’ve steered away from lately so that none of us start to depend on them as the go-to foods when all else fails.

Things have been slightly better. She’s trying things now, even if she does spit it out. This is leaps ahead of when she would simply turn her nose away and refuse to open her mouth. And she’s really exploring her food with her hands and is a pro at feeding herself. She’s even making attempts – clumsy but oh-so-cute attempts – at eating with a spoon.

Of course if she isn’t interested in the food I cooked up tonight, it won’t go to waste. We parents plan to eat it too. It’d just be nice if we could all share in the yum together. Here’s hoping. 🙂

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  1. Nancy T

    Zac was introduced to Cheerios this past week. They’re awesome! (The multi-grain ones are sugar-coated – sigh.) Now, it is no longer safe to walk around the dining room without the possiblity of a Ceee-runch! as we find the ones that didn’t make it in the belly.
    I’ve got to widen my repetoire of baby foods as well. I’ve got to introduce lentils and beans. He’s pretty much taken to everything else. And since Zac’s been on ‘real’ food (as opposed to just boob-juice), no more diaper rash. Which is bass-ackwards to all the literature out there. Go figure.

    Good Luck!

    • melgallant

      Hey Nancy – ya that is weird about the multi-grain Cheerios being sugar-coated. The sugar isn’t necessary and yet they add it anyway. Go figure.

      Have fun introducing Zac to lentils and beans. Alison likes them one day…and then doesn’t the next. This is the story of my life. 🙂 Happy feeding!

  2. Christine

    Don’t even get me started on the whole issue of food. It is a huge problem in our house. I don’t think my 4 year old has eaten a complete meal for me in two years. Well that might be exaggerating, but I can assure you that he eats very little. And then I really wonder how he keeps all htat energy going.

    I hope things get better with her. Encourage that natural curiousity, it should help!


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