six word fridays: wait


Note to my readers: WordPress is making me angry because it keeps stripping out paragraph breaks. Can’t seem to fix it. So if this week’s Six Word Fridays is difficult to read – my earnest apologies!

journey to motherhood – my waiting game
for a pregnancy to stick – finally!
for the first trimester to endSix Word Fridays
baby is ok, baby is growing!
for that baby to finally arrive
ten days late…waiting – come on!
for that first introduction – hello, beautiful.
now it’s not about waiting anymore
because time is moving so quickly
she’s growing up – i’m not ready
but she’s not waiting for me
too much world to explore – and,
that’s a good thing to see
so i am enjoying every moment
as my “Little Chicken” discovers – experiences
life’s wonders, its  bumps and opportunities


This entry is part of Melissa’s meme at Making Things Up. Check it out and then write your own six-word masterpiece.

7 Responses to “six word fridays: wait”

  1. Jen

    Yay! A happy mama! Growing Chicken.

  2. Issa

    I love this. Although the 10 day late line gave me flashbacks to my last baby. *shudder* 😉

  3. Elle

    Time does move way too fast when it comes to little ones. And I swear my daughter grows even after a nap. 🙂

  4. Belinda Munoz + The Halfway Point

    Wow, Mel. I’ve felt every sentiment you describe here. The two sides of waiting. Too slow, hurry up. Too fast, slow down. Dealing with impatience (for the first trimester to end) and not being ready or able to keep up (like the feeling of getting caught with our pants down) because they grow sooo fast.


  5. cj Schlottman

    It has been 41 years since my only child was born, but this beautiful piece brought back a flood of memories and, yes, “waitings.”


  6. melgallant

    thanks everyone – i just want time to slow down so that my daughter doesn’t grow too independent too quickly. i know that’s unrealistic…and that it’s good she is growing into herself and needing me less, but still…

    also – i realized today this is the first of my Six Word Fridays contributions that doesn’t mention chocolate. maybe because i don’t wait for chocolate. hmm…

  7. ShannonL

    Oh, I loved that! So sweet. 🙂


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