stopping to count the snowflakes

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Whoa, am I ever tired this week. I think DH and I are trying to pack too much Christmas fun into December.

We’ve been busy with get-togethers, holiday shopping and baking and haven’t scheduled in enough down time. It also doesn’t help that DD was just diagnosed with an ear infection and is rather cranky. Cute…but ya…cranky.

And since DH has had to work late a few nights this week because of a tight project deadline, he is somewhat of a zombie. Cute…but ya…been getting a lot of grr…argh! this week.

So I made an executive family decision and cancelled dinner plans with our neighbours this weekend. I asked if we could postpone to the New Year when it’s a little less hectic. They totally understood, which is a relief. While I feel terrible for cancelling, I feel like my family just created some much needed time to chill.

We’re going to stop and count the snowflakes and take the time to enjoy the holiday instead of rushing through it. I hope you are doing the same. 😉

"Christmas Rush" by Norman Rockwell

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  1. Lori

    Now THAT sounds like a plan. Think I’ll join you and stop to count the snowflakes this weekend as well!


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