Snowy ride

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It’s funny how much children want to be outside. Even if it’s minus a million degrees celsius. Saturday was one of those days.

DD made it until the late afternoon before making her demands known. Her not-so-subtle hints included:

Standing at the front door and banging on it repeatedly while looking over her shoulder and stating, “unnh! unnh!” rather earnestly.

When asked if she wanted to go outside, DD jumped up and down with glee. Ya, I can take a hint.

Snowy ride...
Snowy ride...captured January 15, 2011 via

So we bundled the family up and went to explore the wide open spaces of the good old outdoors. As you can expect, DD had a blast.

For exactly 12 minutes.

It was just. Way. Too. Cold. Thank goodness for snowsuits and sleds.

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    What a great picture!!!


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