More precious than gold

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I’m really tired.

Last week was long. Crazy work deadlines. A sick, unhappy child.

Pushed. Pulled. Every which way.

This weekend. I was up early as usual.

But I also napped. And napped some more.

Sweet, sweet sleep.

These days,

More precious than gold.

6 Responses to “More precious than gold”

  1. neeroc

    Oh lovely! Nothing better than that weekend nap.

    • melgallant

      No, nothing better. And I got to have two naps this weekend. Feeling much more rested! 🙂

  2. ayala

    🙂 glad you got your rest. Sometimes it’s just necessary!

  3. Barbara (@OttMomGo)

    Ah, to sleep. Perchance to dream. Sleep really is precious, get it when you can.


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