Six Word Fridays: right


The dilemma of what is right

Over what is coveted – seemingly trivial.

And yet…I’ve come to realize

Sometimes the debate with one’s self

Isn’t over black and white decisions.

Rather, it’s the greys blended between.

Those murky greys muddle everything up!

What is right? Questioning, doubting, demanding!

Really…what’s so wrong with want?

If it truly makes me happy,

Then doesn’t that make it right?

It’s Six Word Fridays again!  This week’s theme is “right”, so go check out some more Six Word Fridays goodness at Making Things Up. It’s the right thing to do! (ha! ha! ahem.)

5 Responses to “Six Word Fridays: right”

  1. Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

    I think you can make anything right. Go for it!

  2. iseeyoulookingatme

    If you want it, maybe you should have it. Though I’m not sure, the fact that I don’t know what *it* is makes the whole thing a little gray:) I love the word *muddle* by the way!

  3. ayala

    Those murky greys ….. You can make it right, Mel.

  4. kate

    yes it does make it right!
    go with what you feel, always.

  5. Sara

    Happiness is worth the risk. And muddle 🙂


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