Their mess is no match for iQ

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In July, I won a sweet contest run by @boredmommy on her blog. It was a giveaway of iQ products. Heard of them?

If not, you need the scoop.

iQ is the genius of Planet People (@PlanetPeopleco). It’s a line of eco-friendly cleaning products. No green-washing here!

What I won was the iQ Bathroom Cleaner, the All-Purpose Cleaner and the Glass Cleaner. Planet People also make a Floor Cleaner that I haven’t yet tried.

I’ve been using iQ for a solid three months and the products are fantastic.

Happy iQ consumer

Me the happy iQ consumer.
(Great hand modelling skills, right?)

What I love about iQ is that the products actually work. And added bonus – they smell good.

No harsh chemicals masked behind a stinky perfume blanket!

How iQ Works

Essentially you fill your iQ plastic bottle with water, add the iQ refill cartridge, screw on the spray nozzle and you’re all set.

The best part is that when the cleaner runs out, you simply plunk in a new refill cartridge.

It costs a whole let less than buying a new full bottle of cleaning solution and also means you cut down on plastics: $5.47 for the bottle and cartridge and $2.50 for the refill cartridge.

Did I mention that the products really work? I live with a toddler, a man and two cats. Their mess is no match for iQ.

So if you’re tired of choking on chemicals when chore time comes around, give iQ a try. Then let me know what you think! I’m curious to find out if you’ll love it as much as I do.

Here’s a quick explanation of how iQ works that I grabbed off of YouTube:

Endnote: thank you to BoredMommy and Planet People for the fantastic giveaway. It doesn’t make housecleaning all that exciting, but it makes it a lot more enjoyable. 🙂

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