Six Word Fridays: sound


The night falls into unnatural silence

Familiar sounds abruptly muted – and then…

The creaking of an old house,

Shifting its weight in the night

A dog barking ferociously – at nothing

A sudden chill runs through you

Shivered neck, senses prickling – a presence

Felt but not seen; shudder, breathe

While pumpkins stare; yes, it’s Halloween

This post is inspired by the gobliny-goodness of Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween or leave it to the kiddies? My favourite part is carving the pumpkins. So fun as I never know if it will be a happy, fierce or silly face until I start carving.

Now why not head on over to Melissa’s blog for some Six Word Friday treats.

* Image source Hanna_Horwath via Flickr

6 Responses to “Six Word Fridays: sound”

  1. Adrienne

    ooh! such a fun write! You captured great images, and hooked me with “while pumkins stare”! Happy Hallwoween!

  2. Kelly

    Oh yeah. This actually is even more spooky because I’ve been watching “American Horror Story” on FX. So creepy!

    • melgallant

      That new series Grimm starts tonight (NBC I think) – sooo looking forward to it. Also watch The Walking Dead…although it freaks me out.

  3. ayala

    A cool write, Mel. 🙂 Enjoy your Halloween!

  4. melissa

    What a treat. Creepy in the very best way! 🙂


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