Six Word Fridays: better


I can say without a doubt

There is nothing better than chocolate.

Unless it’s something covered in chocolate

Like strawberries, shortbread cookies or raisons.

I’m not saying it’s the healthiest…

Nope. But c’mon…you must admit

Chocolate is simply velvety, rich heaven.



Are you a fan of chocolate? I know some crazy people aren’t. If so, is it milk chocolate you go for? Dark? A swirly mixture of both? Topped with nuts or combined with gooey caramel? Mmm…yum…

I need to write more about my love of chocolate. I was scraping the bottom of the chocolate barrel for a while but I managed to kick that habit. Fully recovered from my downfall, I now only eat the best. Am I a chocolate snob? Absolutely.

Now why not head on over to Melissa’s blog to read some more creations inspired by the word ‘better’.

* Photo credit to cacaobug via Flickr.



4 Responses to “Six Word Fridays: better”

  1. ayala

    Mel, I am a chocolate lover so I have to agree. 🙂

  2. melissa

    Oh, chocolate! Dark please, though milk is not bad. Anything in truffle form. Hot chocolate with swirls of peppermint. Cake. Frosting. Souffle. ANY OF THOSE WILL DO. 😉

  3. LaQueshia Jeffries

    You know what I love? Chocolate covered cherries! hmmmm…..

  4. Brook

    milk chocolate would be my preference…..mmmm…..


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