Six Word Friday: lost and found


This week I shared opportunity lost,

And celebrated acceptance and emotional growth.

In return for sharing my story,

I found support, kindness, mutual understanding.

For these reasons, I am grateful.

It’s Six Word Friday time – to discover what others have lost and found, visit Melissa’s blog.

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5 Responses to “Six Word Friday: lost and found”

  1. Sara

    It’s a story shared by so many. I hope you continue to find all those things and more

  2. ayala

    Good for you, Mel. 🙂

  3. melissa

    I am glad for your find, and hope your continue to be blessed by a community of understanding.

  4. Alison

    You deserve tremendous credit for sharing your story with others. It’s a really common situation, and I am sure that more people than you know were grateful to read your piece.


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