Six Word Fridays: spring


What I like about being busy

is how boredom gets obliterated.

Who has time for yawns when

life is leaping with unbridled opportunity?

Like a  helical spring stretching, bouncing

forward. End-over-end momentum until experiences

form and reform into something new.

Monotony kicked on its ass – again.

It’s Six Word Fridays and today’s prompt is spring! I have a lot going on this year – personally and professionally. And instead of fearing failure, I’m embracing opportunity.

Leaping, hopping, skipping right into it. If I scrape my knees along the way – well now, that’s a life lived.

Now tell me, what goals and dreams are you springing towards?

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7 Responses to “Six Word Fridays: spring”

  1. pattisj

    Your Slinky brings back memories. A great analogy.

  2. melissa

    Embracing opportunity: so much better than fearing failure. (I say, as though I do not routinely choose option B…) 😉

  3. Brook @ To Be Dancing

    I agree with Melissa. I choose too often option b.
    good luck with option a! 🙂

  4. kittyhere

    I have fond memories of sitting on a staircase playing with a Slinky when I was young. Thanks for selecting that illustration.

  5. Sara

    I love this line “End-over-end momentum until experiences

    form and reform into something new”

    Here’s to newness!

  6. Alison

    Love the mix of poetic and everyday language in your post today.

  7. LaQueshia Jeffries

    Yes, the yawns do surprisingly disappear.


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