Saturated in pink and purple


My daughter desperately wants it to be her birthday.

There’s been a slew of birthday celebrations at her daycare of late and a couple of family and friend birthdays too.

So being a toddler, she obviously wants the attention the birthday boy or girl gets on their special day. Oh, and she wants the cake. And the presents. A balloon or two would also be nice.

Really though, DD wants it to be her birthday for one reason only.

She has her heart set on a dollhouse, and I know exactly how this happened. In February I bought DD this little Calico Critters family to keep her occupied on a plane trip.

Have you seen these little critter families? Totally cute.

With said critter family, came a brochure-pamphlet for the up sell – various critter oases Calico Homes.

With names like Cloverleaf Manor, Luxury Townhome, Country Treehouse, Deluxe Village House and so on, these homes have floor plans that’ll knock your socks off. It’s like going to look at a series of model homes in any new suburban neighbourhood as you try to “find the right house” for your family.

When we arrived home from our trip, I showed the pamphlet to DH then foolishly left the pamphlet out on the coffee table for any old toddler to discover. The next day DD started thumbing through it, announcing she wanted “this dollhouse, Mommy” and “this one too. Yes, this one.”


Thing is – I want DD to have a dollhouse too. I love dollhouses. I had one as a girl and I played with it for years. Which I assume relieved my parents because dollhouses are no small investment.

Before she saw that pamphlet though, DD never peeped a word about wanting a dollhouse.

Is the appeal of a dollhouse a universal girlie thing? Do we girls all succumb to the wish at some point or another in our childhood? And if so, why do these dollhouses all have to be pink and purple? Search dollhouse on the Toys R Us website and you’ll see what I mean.

Pink, purple, pink, purple…

I know girls supposedly like these colours but do their lives have to be saturated in pink and purple? Looking at these two colours all the time is exhausting. And unimaginative.

DD doesn’t have a favourite colour yet and I’m relieved. Saturday her favourite colour was blue. Today it’s red.

I hope her favourite colour continues to fluctuate for many years to come.

I’m not anti-pink or purple. In case you’re wondering, I like these colours! Just not everywhere, all the time.


I dread the day she wants everything – from her socks to her toys – to be pink or purple. Please no, please…no.

Anyway, the nice thing about these Calico Homes is that the creators recognize there are other colours in the rainbow. It’s refreshing.

So back to DD’s birthday wish. As a toddler she has no concept of time. Her birthday is in August…which means she has a long wait ahead of her. She has no idea how long of a wait.

Really though, it’s a long wait for me. I want that dollhouse too.

* Image credit to Pink Ponk on Flickr

4 Responses to “Saturated in pink and purple”

  1. Emmalina

    Can I recommend an educo wooden doll house? We bought one for the boys a little while back, they’ve outgrown it a bit but it is still a lovely piece of kit. I have to say the Calico critters scare the crap out of me as do their little houses, but then anything pink and purple basically makes me nauseous; probably a good job I have two boys!

    Could I suggest orange as the colour for today? ; )

    • melgallant

      Oh, that dollhouse looks awesome! Will totally check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

      And yes, orange is the perfect colour for today. 🙂

  2. Lynn

    Word. I hate the pinkifying of toys these days, and how you can’t buy very much that isn’t clearly divided into Boy Toy or Girl Toy. I am especially bitter at the girlifying of certain board games – now you can buy a “pink” version of things like Twister, Jenga, and The Game of Life. Why? It’s total nonsense.

    My girls have a Playmobil Dollhouse and we all love it. It’s quite gender neutral and I am in love with the tiny little house things. Our son even likes playing with it. I think the Calico sets are quite similar in their neutrality – I’m sure you with both love yours!

    • melgallant

      Hi Lynn, I never thought of Playmobil! DD has a few Playmobil toys already so that is a great suggestion. Thank you!

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