Six Word Fridays: charge


Charged with the task of waiting

For news, for whispers of fortune

Not a patient person at all

C’mon, destiny! Either get with me

Or spin in my dust; truth:

My beautiful, bold future lies ahead

It’s Six Word Fridays! What are you in charge of? What are you charging towards? There’s lots of plays on this word over at Melissa’s blog, so go take a look!

* Treed path image credit to just_a_name_thingie via Flickr.


7 Responses to “Six Word Fridays: charge”

  1. ayala

    Your future is bright and so is today with the love you have in your life 🙂 Have a great weekend, Mel.

  2. Brook @ To Be Dancing

    yeah, waiting is hard. Of course I also struggle with charging forward. nyergh,

  3. Robin

    Haven’t we all experienced this at one time or another? I love your take on it! Truth! The picture of a new path is perfect.

  4. melissa

    I am terrible at the wait.
    Always, any kind of wait, ever. 😉

  5. kittyhere

    nice entry, nice image too

  6. LaQueshia Jeffries

    I’m with you. “Come on destiny!!”

  7. Sara

    I am horribly (horribly) impatient. I hope you get the news you’ve been waiting for soon!


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