Wake-up one-liners delivered toddler style


There are all kinds of unexpected joys to being a parent. Being a mom. For example, while I knew I would love my child, I didn’t expect my love for DD to feel so boundless.

It’s just there, filling my heart. Never running out.

In DD’s early months of life, it would sometimes take me by surprise…I mean I love the people in my life. My husband. My family. My friends.

But not like this. Where a gurgle, a coo, first words, first steps, and yes, even sleepless nights would make me say: I love this little human. Yes. Always.

Now I’m not saying DD hasn’t brought me to my wits end. Oh she has. But she is still my favourite person in the whole world. Okay, my husband is a favourite too. They’re my two favourite people.

Talk of love is grand and all, but my kid is hilarious

And while I could keep focusing on declarations of unconditional love and favourite people, what I really want to talk about – in terms of unexpected joy – are the truly hilarious wake-up greetings she gives me.

Here are just a few:

“C’mon, Mommy. Put on your glasses. We need to go on a picnic!”

“Mom.” [kisses my closed eyes] “Happy Birthday!” [pause] “I wish it was my birthday…” (Note that it was neither of our birthdays that morning. Nor anytime soon for that matter.)

“Mommy, wake up. Santa stole all my apples!”

“Hi Mommy. Can we make pancakes? Please I can? Please, Mommy?”

If I wasn’t so groggy in the morning I know I’d remember more of these wake-up one-liners.

When I hear her feet pattering into the room, I like to keep my eyes closed and wait to hear how our first conversation of the day will start. It’s always something new. It always makes me smile.

Yes, I love this little human. Always.

Cutest dragon ever...

This post is inspired from a prompt by Jen and Sarah at Momalom.com on the unexpected experiences of motherhood. It’s my entry for the “3 Sprouts Unexpected” blog contest. You should check out the 3 Sprouts website. Best hooded bath towels ever. (DD had the hippo one. So cute.)

Now spill your beans – What are your unexpected joys of parenthood?

7 Responses to “Wake-up one-liners delivered toddler style”

  1. Ingrid

    Hey that is really cute. Love that girl too!

    • melgallant

      Hey Mom – it’s seriously funny. Each morning she says something totally different. I swear she’s made to be a stand-up comedian. 🙂

  2. 3 sprouts

    So so so sweet! For some reason, as hysterical as my kids are during the day… neither one of them EVER woke up happy. Or cute. Just too early! I could have used some of these wake up one liners to start the day off right! My favorite is the happy birthday one. What is it with kids and constant need for celebrating their birthday?? And those kisses on the closed eyes? Perfect.

    Thank you for entering our contest! We’re glad to meet you and this is a wonderful, special post!

  3. Connie

    Love it Mel. She’s so adorable that little dragon. My favourite in recent years was when Jake woke me up and said “Mom, if you were 99, on you next birthday you’d be….dead. Ya dead because you’d be 100.” It was a great start to the morning.

  4. Ayala

    Sweet and awesome 🙂


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