What a gorgeous furnace! And other home reno comments you never hear


Some home renovations are sexier than others. You know…like shiny new flooring (hardwood anyone?). A smoking new kitchen. Or glamourous new windows.

Also – those kinds of renovations are easy to show off. There’s a visible improvement to your home. The investment is just so…obvious.

But when you have to invest in things like a new furnace, or plumbing or say, an air conditioner, the curb appeal is ever so less than.

Practical. Of course. Warmer? Flushier? Cooler? Indeed.

But this…

And this…

…looking at those photos doesn’t exactly take your breath away, does it?

I bet you didn’t gasp, “What a gorgeous furnace!” and immediately share this post on Pinterest.

Or drag your significant other over to your computer/smartphone/iPad to say “This! See this is what I want for our house.”

Nope. These are the borr-ring…but essential home renovations. The ones you must invest in at some point or another.

And geez, do they ever dig a big hole in your pocket.

For this reason, you better believe that every single person who walks through my front door is getting a tour of the new furnace and air conditioner.

Gasps of awe are completely optional.

4 Responses to “What a gorgeous furnace! And other home reno comments you never hear”

  1. Ayala

    It takes my breath away πŸ˜‰ okay I’m just happy to see you again. Enjoy your new furnace and air condition. πŸ™‚

  2. Sasha

    Yes! Thank you! You have inspired me to flood the blogosphere with photos of my new cedar hedge. And a fence! A WOODEN one! Oh, and don’t forget the new ball-and-flappers that the plumber installed in the toilets just this morning!!

    (You think I’m kidding. I’m not. Just wait until that hedge goes in.)

  3. sassymonkey

    Ha! We *almost* had to replace our a/c this week. One $110 service call and a $21 part later we seem to be back in business. Otherwise I’d have been showing off the new a/c like crazy and telling people it was my summer vacation.


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