Unless you’re talking cake, I can’t hear you


I think the selective hearing my toddler engages in is hilarious. I mean, talk about a life skill. Learned at such a young age, my Sweet Girl is bound to move through life on her own terms. In her own chosen reality.

Case in point…say any of the following to her:

“Sweet Girl, time for a bath.”

“Sweet Girl, what do you want for breakfast – cereal or toast?”

“Sweet Girl, it’s time to clean up your toys.”

“Sweet Girl, time for bed.”

Nothing. But. Crickets.

Oh but make it a conversation not directed at her. Conduct that conversation in another part of the house. While the dishwasher grumbles and the dryer chirps that another load is ready for folding.

Suddenly Sweet Girl has bionic hearing.

She’s all “What? Cake? Mommy, cake?” Switch out cake with “toy”, “treat”, “presents” or any other derivative and yes indeed, Sweet Girl’s hearing goes super human.

Look Mommy, unless you’re talking cake I can’t hear you.

LOL. Of course.

2 Responses to “Unless you’re talking cake, I can’t hear you”

  1. Sherrie Guthrie

    Beckie ignores me completely …especially when we talk about brushing his teeth….I CAN”T HEAR YOU !!
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    • melgallant

      LOL – this week Sweet Girl “couldn’t hear” me asking her to please clean up her play-doh mess. It never ends. 🙂

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