Looking for holiday cheer


Normally I would never say December is a hard month to get through. A rushed — at times frantically busy — month but never a difficult one.

In fact, my least favourite month of the year is February. It’s just. So. Cold.

And dark.

And miserable.

These attributes all combine to make the shortest month of the year feel like the longest. (Don’t get me started on Leap Year…)

But with my grandmother’s death earlier this month, the Sandy Hook tragedy and the anniversary of my grandfather’s death on Christmas Eve…well, I’m not exactly brimming with holiday spirit.

Yeah, this December really sucks. There have been way too many tears this month.

I’m going through the motions though. For Sweet Girl. Because she fortunately is cushioned from understanding the sadness of the above events.

So for her, I’m faking it. Because she is excited about Christmas and Santa’s imminent arrival. Although, she is very concerned we don’t have a fireplace and that Santa won’t be able to get into our house. (Our lack of a fireplace is my husband’s fault. But the reason why is a story to share in another post.)

She’s excited about baking cookies, counting how many houses in the neighbourhood have Christmas lights and decorating the Christmas tree:

Trimming the tree with care.

 Oh and reading The Elf on the Shelf to me:

While Sweet Girl can’t “read” yet, her memory is so good she can recite the story page by page. Freaky.

And having some good old fun with her family. Hey, what makes the best slide ever? Your dad and cardboard boxes of course:


Sweet Girl’s excitement about the holidays does make me smile. And in the wake of all the sadness this month has brought I do appreciate the good in my life. I’m looking for that cheer wherever I can get it. Right now, Sweet Girl is it.

4 Responses to “Looking for holiday cheer”

  1. Krista (@kristahouse)

    I totally understand where you are coming from… I am totally faking it for my boys. I fake it until it actually becomes real. And you know what? It does eventually happen. It becomes real.
    Krista (@kristahouse) recently posted..A Very Buffy HalloweenMy Profile

  2. Lynn

    Totally hear you about how December has taken a turn for the worse. But on the plus side, your daughter is seriously adorable. Every time you post a photo of her, I can’t get over what a miniature Mel she is. So sweet!
    Lynn recently posted..SecretsMy Profile


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