I like my chocolate “vintage”

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It’s no secret that I love chocolate. It is literally my favouritist food ever. In my mind chocolate is its own food group. A yummy food group that is needed to support my ability to handle everything from PMS to cranky child syndrome.

chocolate stash

What you might not know is that I pretty much don’t care how old the chocolate is. I’ve been known to eat chocolate that sat at the bottom of a tradeshow booth crate for three years before landing in my lucky grasp (thank you, Joan!).

It was delicious.

The dark days of my chocolate addiction…

Now I’ve had some dark days when it comes to my chocolate addiction but I don’t consider the above to be representative of my downfall. What happened is that I succumbed to the lure of cheap chocolate: the Rosebud in particular. I seriously don’t know what happened.

And it took a while to shake that Rosebud-eating habit. But I did it.

You may think it’s crazy that I see eating cheap chocolate as worse than eating three-year-old chocolate but it’s not. That three-year old chocolate was dark chocolatey goodness that only got better with age. Cheap chocolate doesn’t taste better with age. It simply tastes blegh-ier.

Speaking of blegh, I’ve never understood the appeal of white chocolate. I may eat really old vintage dark chocolate but please. White chocolate? I do have some standards. Besides, it’s not even real chocolate!

What’s your fav food or snack? Is it something sweet or savoury?

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  1. Sasha

    Oh, a woman after my own heart, as I’m sure you’ve gathered. Which reminds me, my Lindt 70% stash has been depleted at the office. Excuse me while I go pack my lunch bag 🙂


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