I’m vincible


Did you ever watch the Flight of the Conchords TV series when it aired back in the day? One of my favourite songs from the show is “Hurt Feelings (Tears of a Rapper)”.

This line: “The day after my birthday is not my birthday, mum.”

Honestly. Hilarious.

The song has been on replay a bit – both on my iPod and in my brain. It makes me laugh.

Every bit of this song makes me smile, but these two lines have snagged my attention of late:

Some people say that rappers are invincible

We’re vincible (We’re vincible)

It’s not just the way Bret and Jemaine say “vincible” and sing this song full of funny. It’s that word itself. Lots going on these past few months that have me realizing…I’m vincible too.

Vincible - Nick Deacon

I’m vincible too

Life is not something I like to let happen to me. But what I tend to do in times of stress is shut down and shut myself away.

Friends call? Don’t feel like chatting.

That knitting project? It’s been staring balefully at me for some time. (I’m still ignoring it.)

This blog? Have’t given it a lick of real attention in months.

Writing of any kind? Only writing I’m getting done is what I do at work.

Baking? Creating of any kind? Unless it’s baking or doing crafts with my daughter…nothing at all.

What all of this tells me

When times are tough I let go of things. I get that doing so is natural to a certain extent. We need to re-prioritize our energy and focus when life gets stressful or kicks us in the ass with sucky news.

But damn…these are activities that give me joy. Been wondering for some time why I’ve completely abandoned them.

I don’t always do the right thing. Or have the energy to pursue an interest. But also…sometimes I let that be an excuse to not try.

Ya, I’m tired and maybe a wee bit burnt out but there is joy to be had in the pursuit of joy itself. Even the act of writing this post is filling me with happiness. I forgot about this effect. This outcome of pursuing joy.

Anyway – I’m not looking to make lemon-aid out of lemons. I simply want to create again. Maybe recognizing that I’m vincible is my first step to getting back into the activities that bring me joy.

Maybe, indeed.

* Vincible image sourced via Nick Deacon.

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  1. melissa

    I could have written most of this post word for word except I don’t knit or bake. 🙂

    I need to make some time for creating. I miss it.
    melissa recently posted..How I learned to driveMy Profile

    • Melany Gallant

      Hi Melissa! I think what it comes down to is a conscious decision to make time for creativity. I need to do that for sure.

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