Protein pancakes for the win!

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I’ve started incorporating protein powder into my diet. My trainer suggested it years ago but I’ve never liked the taste, and so have resisted. I’ve tried a few different brands and – blegh. Even burying the taste in a smoothie filled with berries, yogurt, etc. No thanks.

But I’ve noticed since incorporating protein powder into my diet, I feel better in the mornings. Less sluggish. More energized. And if it helps me develop lean muscle mass…then good.

The brand I’m using is Vega Protein Smoothie (viva vanilla!). I’ve been mixing it with almond milk. I’ve also been mixing it into my oatmeal – delish! But one can only eat oatmeal so many times before it becomes a bit too much of a breakfast yawner.

Enter the geniusness of protein pancakes

Last week my friend Kelly from work gave me a recipe for protein pancakes. A nice alternative to a protein powder smoothie or oatmeal combo. You can still taste that distinctive protein powder taste but the trick, as Kelly says, is to eat them with lots of fresh fruit, maple syrup or honey.

It’s totally true. They taste way better buried under fruit, and a healthy dose of fruit is good for everyone!

So here you go…courtesy of Kelly…a delicious recipe for protein pancakes.

Protein pancakes recipe

protein pancakes


½ banana
½ tbsp almond milk (you can use regular milk too)
1 scoop protein powder
¼ cup egg whites
1 tsp cinnamon


Completely mash banana with almond milk. Gradually stir in the remaining ingredients.

Spray your pan with cooking spray and turn to medium low heat. Slowly and evenly pour the batter into the pan.

Cook for 3 to 5 minutes on one side until you see bubbles rising to the surface of your pancake.

Using a spatula, carefully lift the edge and take a peek. If the underside of your pancake is golden brown, it’s ready to flip. Carefully flip your pancake and cook for another three minutes on the other side until both sides are golden brown and the pancake is cooked through.

Remove from heat and top with additional ingredients if desired, such as fresh fruit and honey or maple syrup or even agave. Then eat ’em up!

If you try this recipe – let me know what you think. And let me know…other than smoothies/shakes…how do you incorporate protein powder into your diet?

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